A self-care Valentine's Day

Every day we live our life projecting ourselves completely outward: our many commitments, our work, our family, require our constant and complete presence, often ending up absorbing all our energy. This means that many times we have very little left at the end of the day to devote to ourselves. We end up forgetting the importance of taking care of ourselves, our emotions, and our bodies, which allow us to face the world every day.

On this Valentine's Day, dedicated to love all over the world, we want to suggest five good practices, five ways in which you can love yourself daily. Consider them a proper self-love exercise, to be practiced every day to keep in closer contact with your thoughts and your true desires.

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  • Allow yourself to be wrong sometimes

Perfection is not human, progress is! We can all make mistakes, bigger or smaller. The important part is to be able to recognize them, accept them and draw all the lessons we can from them, to build the tools that will allow us not to make the same mistake again in the future. Sometimes being forgiving of our own mistakes can be a good thing.

Make it a daily mantra: progress over perfection.



  • Don't compare yourself to others

Every now and then it bears repeating that social media is not a reliable mirror of life. That's because it's easy to be misled and compare our lives to the extra-edited, glossy, apparently perfect ones we see on display every day on Instagram. Let’s remind ourselves that what we see is rarely all the truth: no one likes to show off their failures and the less glamourous parts of their lives. Each of us is on a unique personal journey that is different from all the others: comparing them to each other will get us nowhere


  • Listen more carefully to your instincts

Sometimes our fears and our instincts try to warn us against choices or decisions that are not right for us. These feelings come from the most ancient part of our brain, the part that warns us when we feel triggered or in danger. That unmistakable feeling alerts us that something may not be as it seems. Let's listen mor closely to what our body tells us: it will help us make the right choices for ourselves.

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  • Learn to say no

Being available to the people around us is important and enriches our lives daily. But it's equally important to establish strong, healthy personal boundaries. Learning to say no if something we are asked to do is not in line with our wishes or principles, is critical to a peaceful and fuller life. This, too, is self-love!


  • Observe the beauty in little things

Last but not least, this tip is a daily exercise to be put into practice as much as possible, even when it seems that nothing beautiful surrounds us. Look more closely, you'll find that you were wrong. Savoring the moments, and living them carefully, rather than letting them slip through our fingers, accustoms us to be more present in the moment, to live our lives with more enthusiasm. We will rediscover the great beauty that is hidden in the little things.


These are our suggestions for loving yourself more each day. Now it's your turn to try and put them into practice!

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