International Day of Energy Saving: what we can do

Every year there is an increase in sensitivity towards energy saving and in general towards the environmental impact of our actions as individuals, and for this reason, it is essential to continue to remind us, including through anniversaries and events such as International Energy Saving Day, which aims to raise awareness about energy waste and more conscious alternatives that decrease our impact on the environment. It is an opportunity to reflect on our lifestyle and what improvements we can make in our daily lives to decrease energy use.

As a brand and as a company we are constantly looking for new ways to re-evaluate our footprint on the planet, to reduce it in favor of a positive type of impact that can bring improvements to the environment and the land.

Did you know? Only renewable energy for us

energia solare

Our company is located just outside of Bologna, where we manufacture and package all your Sendo products. Our entire headquarters is powered by a photovoltaic system that meets most of our energy needs. And when this is not enough, we source external energy exclusively from renewable sources.


We are a Carbon Neutral Company, which means we measure, monitor, and offset our CO2 emissions. We are responsible for offsetting all our direct emissions as a company, as well as those generated by transport: Sendo products are shipped to your door with zero emissions.

Discover all our certifications

As a company, we have also recently obtained ISO 14001 certification. This

certification is nothing more than an official certificate that demonstrates we are constantly working to quantify, measure, and monitor the parameters of our emissions, our environmental impact, waste production, washing water, smoke emissions from boilers, and noise pollution.

And as individuals, what can we do?

In our everyday lives, as individuals, we can do our part to limit energy waste, and generally, be more conscious when it comes to pollution and environmental footprint. How? There are so many ways, but they all share the same mantra:

reduce - reuse - recycle

energia eolica

👉 We can use the things we own as much as possible, instead of replacing them as soon as they break, we try to repair them

👉 Let's reduce the number of things we buy, especially when it comes to "disposable" items, instead let's prefer items that will last a long time, without dispersing in the environment

👉And lastly: we must recycle. Recycling is essential to curb our environmental impact, and today we can do it without difficulty. Our municipality will provide us with all the information we need to sort correctly and dispose of our waste in the best possible way.

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