Sendo uses biotechnology: we extract all the potential found within plants' metabolic and biological abilities and make it available to everyone. Unlike genetic engineering, our approach fully respects these organisms and the ecosystem. We obtain our active ingredients from nature in a non-damaging way and use them to give our products a level of effectiveness that is on par with some of the best professional brands.

Our Biotechnological tomato extract, used in most of the Sendo range, is obtained from the skins of this extraordinary fruit, which is rich in lycopene. This functional ingredient acts on the skin and on the hair in a homogeneous way, it helps to protect them against the stresses caused by pollution thanks to its renowned antioxidant properties.

You know that…
The tomato plant (Solanum lycopersicum) is native to Latin America, in the areas that now correspond to the states of Peru and Ecuador. From here it was brought to Mexico by the Maya and then widely used by the Aztecs. Around 1540 the tomato was introduced in Europe and their diffusion was for ornamental purposes: showing exotic plants was a source of pride for the nobles, especially in France where the vegetable was planted in the park of the palace of Versailles for the pride of the King Sole, who loved to arouse the amazement of his friends, showing that strange plant with the yellow flowers and the yellow-orange balls. Subsequently, the tomato acquired fame as a medicinal plant: the peel, rich in lycopene is known for its marked antioxidant properties. This feature makes it particularly useful in fighting aging, and cardiovascular diseases.

And that’s not all: in the Colour Defense range, we have added a biotechnological phytocomplex, created by selecting grapes, apples, lemons, and wheat bran, which makes your hair look brighter by protecting its colour and helping to seal the cuticles.

The Rosa Canina biotechnological phytocomplex, contained in all the products of All Care line, is obtained through a sustainable process that guarantees high levels of quality and safety.

The liquid crystals of the Styling range, on the other hand, contain biotechnological avocado oil, which is able to deeply moisturise the hair.

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Did you know there are over 400 avocado varieties? And they are all different in shape, color, and flavor. Avocado was cultivated by the native populations of Central and South America even before the arrival of Christopher Columbus and was called the 'alligator pear' for its shape and the rough green rind of some varieties. We find historical writings on the properties of avocados for medical and food uses as early as the 16th century. Among the many virtues was the power of the core in treating sores and infections of the skin and scalp. Avocado is one of the most nutritious fruits and in addition to the multiple beneficial effects for health it is a precious ally of beauty: its pulp in fact - applied to the hair - helps to give great brightness and is perfect for nourishing damaged hair, dry or dull.


The entire Skincare line contains the biotechnological melissa phytocomplex, chosen for its high antioxidant and soothing properties. This ingredient is able to protect the skin from the aggressive action of free radicals, thus helping to prevent premature aging of skin tissues. Recent studies have also shown that, when present in high percentages, this phytocomplex is able to preserve the skin from damage caused by blue light.

The biotechnological forsythia phytocomplex, contained in shampoo, conditioner, and body cleanser from the Melting line, is rich in rebalancing and repairing properties, restoring skin and hair to their natural moisture.




Our skin is a balanced and diversified ecosystem populated by good bacteria that defend us from external threats. The more we protect it, the lower our risk will be from suffering from allergic reactions and sensitive skin.
Imbalances, linked to lifestyle and states of anxiety or stress, can alter the natural defenses of the skin, which are also made up of these microorganisms.
The products from the Gentle Use, Soothing, and specific treatment ranges contain prebiotic functional ingredients, which help to naturally heal the balance of the skin’s microbiota.

The prebiotic vine extract is rich in nutrients such as mineral salts, amino acids, natural saccharides, polyphenols, and organic acids, which protect the microbiota of the various layers of the skin. 

We have included it in our Gentle Use range to repair heavily damaged hair and give it more bounce.

You know that…
The vine is one of the most ancient plants, which spread in the Mediterranean even before the appearance of man on Earth. For centuries, the therapeutic benefits of grapes and other by-products have been used for medical purposes. Grape leaves, a waste product of the plant, are also a rich source of polyphenols. Polyphenols have biological activities such as antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-tumor, antimicrobial, cardioprotective, and anti-aging effects.

The prebiotic phytocomplex, composed of ginger, incense, and grapes, is a functional ingredient, contained in the Soothing, Densifying, Scalp Relief and Scalp Restore ranges. It can help to heal damaged scalps, rebalance the microbiota, and reduce redness caused by treatments or stressful living conditions, all while keeping the physiological conditions of the skin at an optimal level.

The polyfructose extracted from the chicory root, contained in the All Care range, is a prebiotic that protects, strengthens, and balances the skin making it more resistant, beautiful, and healthy. It is suitable for particularly delicate and sensitive skin that suffers the most attacks from harmful microorganisms, bringing them back into balance and promoting their natural defenses.


In all the Skincare products, there is a prebiotic extracted from the yacon root, very rich in polysaccharides and antioxidant substances, such as ferulicacid. The purpose of this ingredient is to protect the balance of the microbiota. How? Prebiotics are a valuable source of nourishment for the good bacteria and microorganisms that live on our skin. By feeding them, we ensure that this delicate ecosystem is kept in check, protecting us from attacks by external agents.

All Melting products contain phytosterols from rapeseed, a prebiotic active with conditioning and disciplining action on the hair. It is excellent as a soother for irritated skin due to its protective action toward the skin microbiota.