Morning and evening skincare routine: step by step

Taking care of yourself can take many forms: some love to walk in nature and exercise, some may treat themselves to something beautiful, some other prefer to immerse themselves in reading a novel, and some choose to devote time to taking care of their face.

The skincare routine is a practice that more and more people have become acquainted with in recent months. Taking care of the skin through a few steps, with the help of dedicated products can be a moment of relaxation and an opportunity to slow down the pace of our hectic days. At Sendo, skincare is also important: we care about the well-being of the skin of the whole body, and we take care of it every day.

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The enormous amount of information and products available on the market can sometimes be confusing and doubts may arise: "what is the best product for my skin? How many products should I use? How often and in what order? Should the morning skincare be different from the evening skincare?"

To shed some light on this sea of information, let's start from the basics: what is a skincare routine for and what are the correct steps to perform it?

The skincare routine has the goal that we give it: it can be to improve the general appearance of our skin, or to act on a particular aspect such as acne, redness, excessive dryness or the first signs of aging.

First step: cleansing

The first step for a correct skincare routine is always the same: cleansing. What does it consist of? In removing traces of makeup, impurities, dust, pollution, and excess sebum from our skin, preparing it for the next step.

If the skin is not completely clean, the following treatments won't work at their best and will fail to deliver the desired results, imperfections may form over time, and in general, the very purpose of the skincare routine is defeated: every step is essential for the final result.

Hence, the question: how to cleanse properly? By choosing the right product for us. If our skin is dry or sensitive, gentle cleansing milk will be the choice. If our skin is oily and prone to imperfections, a gentle foaming cleanser will effectively cleanse the skin while keeping it hydrated.

The takeaway is: it is important to choose effective, non-aggressive cleansers that leave the skin clean while respecting its barrier.

Morning and evening: what changes?

The morning skincare routine will not always be identical to the evening one. If for the day a quick cleanse is more than fine, for the evening, after a whole day spent in the city wearing make-up or sunscreen, a double cleanse is recommended: it consists of a two-step cleansing, usually with two different products, the first one to melt make-up and sunscreen, the second one to remove residues and impurities and clean the skin.

Second step: hydration

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After cleansing, it's time for hydration. In this phase, we apply our leave-in products of choice, depending on the goal we set.

In what order? We follow the consistency of the product: starting with the most water-like consistencies and ending with the thickest ones.


Essences and serums will be applied first, followed by lotions, gels, and creams.


What about facial oils? They are great to include in the evening skincare routine for a boost of nourishment, either as a final step to complete the routine, or to mix within the face cream, to combine the benefits of the two products.


Remember that hydration is very important for oily skins too: the secret is to choose lighter and gel-like textures, as opposed to richer or creamier ones, more suitable for dry or mature skins.

Morning and evening: what changes?

For the morning skincare routine, we prefer lighter and easily absorbed textures, for the evening skincare routine, we can indulge in more nourishing and richer treatments, such as facial oils, which will be absorbed by the skin during the night.

Third step: protection

After moisturizing, before leaving the house, it's important to protect the skin from UVA and UVB radiation, by wearing sunscreen. This is not only a matter of aesthetics: numerous medical studies have established that UV rays are harmful to the skin, and recommend wearing adequate sun protection. This applies not only to the seaside but also to the city. Wide hats, sunglasses, and dark clothing are a good way to shield ourselves from the UV rays, but for higher, broad-spectrum protection it is best to wear an SPF of at least 30. Today there are many options, in all price ranges: cc creams, fluids, transparent and lightweight gels, everyone will find the sunscreen that best suits their skin.


This was a guide to the basic steps to build your skincare routine, both for the morning and evening: now you have everything you need to start taking care of your face!