Deodorant? Choose it without aluminum salts

The choice of deodorant is a delicate matter: we are all looking for a product that is effective in counteracting BO and in keeping us fresh throughout the day, but at the same time we do not want it to be aggressive on the skin, or irritating. The ideal deodorant is practical, effective, skin-friendly, packed with moisturizing ingredients and free from potential irritants. Today we have access to a wide offer that meets all tastes: there are those who prefer a classic, perfumed and antiperspirant deodorant, those more oriented towards a natural and delicate deodorant, and those who choose their own based on the ingredients inside, opting for deodorants without aluminum salts and parabens.

Why choose a deodorant without aluminum salts?

Bagno prodotti corpo naturali

The use of aluminum compounds in deodorants is very common, this is because they block the sweat glands by carrying out a proper anti-perspiration action. In addition to this, they act on the formation of bacteria, preventing the onset of bad odors. In recent years, numerous doubts have arisen around aluminum salts in deodorants, and various scientific researches have studied their action on our endocrine system. The results of these researches tell us that today aluminum salts can be considered safe ingredients, and can be used on the skin without particular problems.

However, not everyone wants to have to hinder their glandular function, and block a physiological and perfectly natural action such as sweating. For this reason, valid alternatives have been born over the years. Those who do not enjoy the classic anti-perspirant deodorant can opt for a deodorant without aluminum salts, enriched with additional ingredients that act on bacterial proliferation, or able to avoid the formation of bad odors without hindering normal glandular function.

The dreaded parabens 

As for the much discussed parabens, these are preservatives used since the dawn of the cosmetics industry. They have antibacterial and antifungal properties. Recently at the center of fierce criticism for a 2004 study who hypothesized the correlation between the use of parabens in cosmetics and the onset of serious diseases including cancer. But is this really the case?

The CSSC, the Scientific Committee for Consumer Safety of the European Union has conducted further analyzes and studies on these ingredients, determining that at the moment there is no evidence of their harmfulness. At the same time though has banned 5 different preservatives due to lack of data, inviting to apply maximum precaution as a general rule in the use of all existing parabens.

How can we orient ourselves to make the best choice?

Biotechnology and natural extracts for an effective anti-odor action

Deodorante Sendo All Care

The Deodorant Spray for Sensitive Skin All Care was born with this goal: letting the body carry out its normal daily functions, without hindering it, and protecting the skin microbiota to effectively control the onset of odors without harming the skin.

In the creation of the Deodorant Spray, we opted for a formula without aluminum salts and without parabens, we wanted to create a product that was effective by exploiting the combination of delicate ingredients and extracts of natural origin. At the same time we wanted it to be practical and not to leave any traces on the fabrics. Thus was born the Deodorant Spray for Sensitive Skin from the All Care range: Cosmos Natural certified, formulated with 99.93% of ingredients of natural origin, this deodorant in spray is extremely effective in counteracting the formation of the charateristic body odor.

It contains biotechnological and probiotic extracts that perform a protective and moisturizing function on the skin: the biotechnological rosehip phytocomplex, protective and antioxidant, is combined with a polyphructose extracted from chicory, which balances the skin microbiota, and with organic extracts of sage, rosemary, and thyme for an effective deodorizing action, plus extracts of lichen and myrrh which add a delicate and herbaceous scent. This spray deodorant is dermatologically tested on sensitive skin, to really be catered to everyone!

Are you courious? Try it for yourself!

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