Skincare? Your head deserves it too!

On average, we spend a good portion of our time taking care of our hair: we carefully choose haircuts, color, treatments, and styling tools, but we often neglect our scalp completely. Shampoo that's too harsh, brushes with hard bristles, or incorrect movements can all contribute to damage. The skin on our scalp has its own needs, and keeping it healthy and intact will ensure our hair will grow healthy and shiny.

Often the secret to a healthy scalp lies not so much in doing something in particular, but more so in not doing certain things that can be harmful or potentially irritating. Below are a few examples:

  1. Massage, don’t rub! The difference between a gentle massage and a vigorous scrub is huge. The scalp is a delicate area, and a gentle massage with your fingertips while shampooing will be more than enough to cleanse and stimulate circulation to the skin. Rubbing the skin too vigorously, on the other hand, can lead to irritation and scratching, which will have no beneficial effect whatsoever.

washing hair

  1. Protect your head from the sun. If you're at the beach or plan to expose yourself to the sun, protect your head with a scarf or a hat. The scalp is a sensitive area, and can get burned quickly despite the hair! If we wear our hair parted, for example, that parting area will be constantly exposed to the sun, with all the consequences that unprotected exposure can bring. A good alternative is to use a special sunscreen on the uncovered areas.
  1. Accessories and brushes. Brushes and combs with soft or rounded bristles are preferable, to avoid scratching the skin while brushing. If you are a fan of hair accessories, choose non-metallic accessories, or those without particularly sharp tips, to avoid damaging your scalp while wearing them.

head scarf

  1. Beware of the heat! Styling and hairdryers are welcome, as long as the temperatures are not too high, and that the heat is directed on the hair rather than on the skin.
  1. Dandruff prevention once a month. Even if you don't suffer from dandruff, it's a good habit to use a sebum-normalizing shampoo once a month to keep bacterial proliferation at bay and keep the situation balanced and checked.

hair scalp

  1. Skincare for... the scalp! In case of irritation, redness, or dryness, you can apply special skincare products to take care of the scalp, repair it and soothe it. An example? Sendo Calming Scalp Gel Cream, a lightweight lotion enriched with biotechnological Phytoextracts, with a quick absorbing formula. It's perfect to apply to both wet and dry hair as needed, to calm irritation and give an immediate feeling of relief to the skin.

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