SENDO: A brand with an ethical soul

What does it mean for Sendo to be sustainable, ethical and democratic?


It means supporting frailty and Sendo has chosen to do so by marrying an important social inclusion project: K-Lab.

K-LAB deals with people, physical and social disabilities and transforms the traditional way of doing business into a concrete help to those who are weaker, because each of us is an essential resource for society and for the world.

K-LAB is inclusion

But how does the concept of inclusion come to fruition?

Through the development of communication projects, the production of design objects, events and performance. And it does so through the encounter between people who come from the creative and entrepreneurial world and the world related to vulnerability.

K-LAB is therefore a sustainable and inclusive enterprise project

Sendo has therefore decided to start this path of collaboration that will see the realization of communication and objectistic projects with a deep meaning: the support and respect of fragility.

We believe that doing business means supporting and generating new opportunities for social cohesion, job inclusion, innovation and economic development.

We have therefore chosen to give concrete life to our founding values: respect for the environment, for nature and for the person through an ethical business.

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