Hair damaged by the summer?

Dry and dehydrated hair is the result of a fully-lived Summer. Sea, pool, sun, heat and heat are the worst enemies of our canopy.

At the end of summer our hair is drier, frizzy and brittle. But are we really sure we know why? The main cause is dehydration that causes our hair to absorb the moisture in the air and be more swollen.

How can we find the right hydration? To regain the right hydration, in addition to drinking a lot of water to hydrate from the inside, it is important to change the beauty routine of our hair. So here is the solution to better manage dry hair and have a shiny and disciplined hair: the Sendo Hydration line.

Sendo Hydration is designed for dry and dry hair, which needs to receive deep hydration.

Nourishing Hair Shampoo revitalizes hair from roots to tips, leaving them shiny, healthy and fluffy.

The Nourishing Hair Conditioner allows even more disfied hair to regain the lost shine, extricating the hair without weighing it down. Sendo experts recommend applying the lengths with the wet hair for 3/5 minutes and then rinse abundantly with warm water.

And finally to recompact the cuticle, repairing the hair fiber and have vital full-bodied hair we recommend the Nourishing Hair Mask to be applied 1 or 2 times a week leaving it posing on the damp hair for 5 or 10 minutes.

I already know that you will be wondering what to do during the time of application of mask or conditioning. Our advice is to further hydrate your body with a peach infusion, which thanks to the abundant amount of water, but also because of the rich potassium content regulates the balance of bodily fluids, and is therefore one of the best fruits with diuretic and cleansing action.

Ready for the next beauty routine tips?