Carbon Footprint: another milestone has been reached!

Eley became a Carbon Neutral Company!

Eley, as a manufacturing company, has recently obtained theISO 14064 (GHG – GreenHouse Gases) Certification

But what is the value of this certification and what do we mean when we talk about Carbon Footprint?

The ISO 14064 standard is composed of a family of standards aimed at the assessment, management and certification of greenhouse gas emissions by organizations. This certification gives us the opportunity to keep under control the so-called Greenhouse Gases that normally all organizations emit (even living beings are small emitters of greenhouse gases) and to put on track projects to reduce or cancel them above all in emerging countries.

 The carbon footprint is a measurement that gives total greenhouse gas emissions in CO2e, we can calculate the exact quantity of CO2 emissions released during the life-cycle of a product (creation/conversion/ production/transport/consumption/ end of life): this allows us to determine the actions and steps to take to reduce this footprint, and the total number of CO2 emissions. However, there is a natural threshold that we cannot go below.

This milestone was achieved through a combination of targeted actions aimed at improving the processes, lifestyle and energy sources we use from an eco-sustainability perspective.

This for us and for you means being able to communicate our commitment as a company, towards real and positive choices for the health of the planet, nature and people, values ​​that Sendo represents.

We believe that by working together to bring about positive change, we can gradually improve everyone's lifestyle in order to make the world a better place.

Discover our efforts in the Ecosustainability section of the site!