SENDO protects your skin microbiota

Today we would like to talk to you about the benefits that prebiotic ingredients are able to bring to the health of our skin.


First of all, let's start by making a bit of clarity: prebiotics and probiotics are often confused but the difference between them is substantial. But what certainly unites them is being able to bring benefits to our general state of health.

Probiotics are live organisms that bring benefits to our body and that we can take with food or supplements. On the other hand, prebiotics are organic substances, such as fibers, which stimulate the growth of the good bacteria that make up the microbiota. The action of prebiotics can also be exploited in skin cosmetics to help keep the skin healthy.

The balance between the different species of bacteria, which together make up the skin microbiota, contributes to the health of our skin. From these considerations derive new concepts of cosmetic functionality, focused on commensal microorganisms of the skin.


Sendo differs in the cosmetic market for the innovative technologies used in its formulas, such as biotechnologies or prebiotic functional ingredients. Sendo products focus on the well-being of the skin, preserving it from potentially aggressive chemicals and respect for the person is manifested in this case through the defense of the skin microbiota.


The products from the Gentle Use, Soothing, specific treatment and the All Care ranges contain prebiotic functional ingredients, which help to naturally heal the balance of the skin’s microbiota.


Our prebiotic vine extract is rich in nutrients such mineral salts, amino acids, natural saccharides, polyphenols, and organic acids, which protect the microbiota of the various layers of the skin. We have used it in our Gentle Use range to repair heavily damaged hair and give it more bounce. 


Our prebiotic phytocomplex is composed of ginger, incense, and grapes, is a functional ingredient, contained in the hair care ranges: Soothing, Densifying, Scalp Relief and Scalp Restore. It can help to heal damaged scalps, rebalance the microbiota, and reduce redness caused by treatments or stressful living conditions, all white keeping the physiological conditions of the skin at an optimal level.


The polyfructose extracted from the chicory root, contained in the All Care range, is a prebiotic that protects, strengthens and balances the skin making it more resistant, beautiful and healthy. It is suitable for, particularly delicate and sensitive skin that suffer the most attacks from harmful microorganisms, bringing them back into balance and promoting their natural defenses.


Sendo is committed every day, in every choice, to take care of people's well-being.