SENDO: Your Zero-Impact cosmetic

Nowadays, sustainability is a widely used term and, why not, perhaps even a little inflated.
What does sustainability mean? What is meant by "sustainable lifestyle"?

The definition adopted worldwide of sustainability says that: 

Sustainable development allows satisfying today's needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own.

What does to be sustainable mean for Sendo?
Sendo respects the person, Nature, and the environment in every choice. Our vision is not limited to the creation of beauty products. Indeed, it starts from a broader concept: taking care of ourselves starts from caring for the soil. This way, it's possible to nourish both the person and the environment we all belong to. This is a lifestyle that goes beyond beauty products.

Sendo boasts high percentages of naturalness and certified quality standards: in our products, you will find the most effective functional principles that Nature offers us, obtained from the essence of vegetable oils, avoiding, where possible, the addition of synthetic agents.

Sendo formulates cosmetics by following both wisdom of tradition and wise use of technology. 

Innovation is key to Sendo. Indeed, Sendo uses biotechnology, extracting all the potential contained in the metabolic capacities of plant organisms. Our formulations contain enhanced raw materials, free of contaminants and obtained without exploiting the soil. Unlike genetic engineering, Sendo formulas' functional ingredients are obtained starting from a small part of the plant, for example, the leaf. With Sendo, we have transformed the concept of innovation into a circular perspective.

Sendo, therefore, differs within the cosmetic landscape for the innovative technologies used in its formulas; in addition to biotechnologies, it resorts to the use of functional prebiotic ingredients. Sendo products focus on the well-being of the skin, preserving it from potentially aggressive chemicals: respect for the person, the essence of our brand, manifests itself in this case through the defense of the skin microbiota.

Respect is the choice that makes us unique: Sendo is a choice for those who seek the true sense of well-being, not only for themselves but also for the environment we are all part of.

Sendo does not use animal-derived ingredients in its formulas, neither it tests on animals. This is why we have chosen to join the Peta Association's Cruelty-Free and Vegan program.

Sendo cosmetics contain a Nickel content lower than 0.00001% (Nickel <1PPM, which means 1 part per million = 1 mg/kg). This amount is ten times lower than the minimum threshold the literature has identified for triggering a reaction.

Sendo makes use of certified and sustainable palm oil, a preferable solution to replacing it with other lower yield vegetable oils, whose crops could cause greater land consumption. In Sendo formulas, it's possible to find exclusively sustainable palm oil. Indeed, Eley complies with the RSPO standard for vegetable oils to combat the indiscriminate spread of palm oil, which not regulated production is putting important areas at risk, such as rainforest, as well as areas previously used for food crops.

Eley is a Carbon Neutral Company. It has obtained the ISO 14064 Certification (GHG - Greenhouse Gas Emissions). This certification allows us to keep the so-called GHGs that all organizations emit under control and to put on track projects to reduce or cancel them, especially in emerging countries. We have chosen to use 100% renewable energies gained from photovoltaic panels and clean energy projects for our business and production activities to reduce and offset CO₂ emissions.

Beauty in service of good: All our bottles are made by 100% post-consumer recycled PET (material coming entirely from the separate collection of plastic) and recyclable. This way, we contribute by avoiding putting new plastic on the market and exploiting the existing one.

Another plus of our brand concerns the All Care line: natural certified based on the Cosmos Natural regulation. The All Care cosmetics formulas' contain a high percentage of eco-friendly raw materials, such as, for example, emollient agents of natural origin. Moreover, All Care cosmetics' formulas are dermatologically tested on a panel with sensitive skin. Thanks to the naturalness and delicacy of its formulations, All Care cosmetics can be used by children aged 3 and over. Finally, the entire line contains 100% natural fragrances.

The merchandising and sales support material such as catalogs and brochures are made from Shiro Alga Carta, which uses excess algae from lagoon environments at risk, combined with FSC fibers. Our boxes are made from post-consumer recycled paper.

Sendo Concept: Your sustainable beauty.