SOS: Hair Fall

Finding hair on the comb, on the pillow or in the shower always makes us worry, but knowing the causes and some beauty tips, it is possible to prevent and fight this problem. Keep reading!

Hair loss is a phenomenon that affects both men and women, especially during the change of seasons. The causes can be many: from seasonality to heredity, to stress, and even menopause.

First thing first, let's understand together what it is usually meant by 'seasonal hair loss'.

When we talk about 'seasonal hair loss' we mean the massive increase in the daily number of hair falling out in spring and autumn, as the seasons change. A rather common phenomenon that involves both men and women. Seasonal hair loss is physiological, which is why it usually lasts a few weeks. If the problem should persist, however, we are in the presence of an abnormal hair loss.

Sometimes, the seasonal fall intersects with psycho-physical tensions that directly affect the health of the hair. Unhealthy living conditions, work stress, hectic pace and poor diet (for example, either rich in fat or deficient in iron and vitamins); are all phenomena that can cause and increase hair loss.

Other factors that influence this phenomenon include hormonal changes due, for example, to puberty, pregnancy, menstruation, menopause or andropause, and the genetic makeup that we all carry with us.


What are the tips and solutions that the Sendo Team has in store for you to keep your hair healthy?


Nutrition: following a correct diet has always been the number one beauty advice and brings great benefits to the state of well-being and general health, not just on the hair. The Mediterranean Diet is among the most recommended diet and the closest to the Italian culinary culture. We have explored for you the topic in an article by Dr. Francesca de Blasio (Nutritionist Biologist and PhD in Public Health and Preventive Medicine).


Supplements: Taking supplements rich in vitamins, especially in periods of greater stress and in the months preceding the change of seasons, is extra help. The most suitable vitamins to have healthy hair are vitamins B5 and B6; vitamin H, vitamin B3 and vitamin C. If you are interested in learning more about the subject, we recommend you reading the article by Dr. Francesca de Blasio.


Use gentle hair cosmetics: To prevent hair loss, include gentle formula products in your #HairCareRoutine. Among the Sendo cosmetics, we recommend the Gentle Everyday Shampoo to gently cleanse, giving lightness and brightness to the hair. You can combine it with the Everyday No-Rinse Conditioner for a moisturizing action without weighing it down. Both delicate formulas are with a high percentage of naturalness (over 97% of ingredients of natural origin), tested for Nickel (<1 ppm) and dermatologically tested. Suitable for all hair types, even for children from 3 years old.
For an even greener alternative that is equally delicate and suitable for all hair types and ideal for the smallest ones too, instead, we recommend the shampoo and conditioner from the Sendo All Care line: their formulas, as well as being dermatologically tested on skins sensitive and tested for nickel (<1 ppm), is Cosmos Natural certified. They contain a high percentage of eco-friendly raw materials, such as, for example, emollient agents of natural origin.


Use of specific cosmetics: If the problem is more substantial, the use of specific treatments is recommended. The Sendo Densifying line is recommended to reinvigorate the hair, making it thicker and more vital. The Fortifying Shampoo gently cleanses hair and scalp, preparing them to receive the next treatment. Its formula has a percentage of natural ingredients up to 97% and a quantity of nickel lower than 1ppm. You can complete the treatment with the Intensive Fortifying Lotion with invigorating action. If used regularly, it helps to strengthen weak hair, strengthening and restoring vitality to the hair.

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