Respect: How SENDO translates it into reality

Respect is for SENDO a concrete act made of small daily gestures.
We have already talked about the collaboration project between Sendo and K-LAB and if you haven't done it yet, we suggest you run immediately to read our article.

Have you read it?

Then you will surely be ready and intrigued by wanting to know in detail how this collaboration took place.

In recent weeks, the Sendo team has had the extraordinary opportunity to go inside the Polveriera - the structure that hosts the K-LAB project - and to assist and participate in the creative process and brainstorming with Nessuno Escluso users, one of the centers that collaborates with the collective, which starts from the delivery of the briefing and reaches the drafting of the sentences that we have used and will use on Sendo products.

As you already know, K-LAB offers concrete jobs and opportunities to those who come from the world of frailty and physical and social disability, avoiding that the skills and resources of people considered “weaker” are debased in low-profile practical activities.

Let's see how this opportunity took shape, transforming itself into a concrete and tangible reality.

First of all, for the educators of the different realities that collaborate with K-LAB it is of fundamental importance that their users work side by side with the companies and teams for which they produce sentences and objects: intellectual exchange, collaboration and comparison are essential moments for their growth.

We started with the delivery of the briefing, that is the task and the required objectives and we asked the students to focus on some topics dear to the Sendo world: respect for nature, the environment, the theme of essence and uniqueness.  We then came to the development of the communication project.





The guys from Nobody Excluded were then interviewed in order to bring out, from them firsthand, what this inclusion project means and what the collaboration with companies like Sendo means for them, always working on the key theme of the brand:respect for peole, nature and environment.

For Sendo, respect is a concrete act made up of small gestures towards our planet and those who inhabit it and this value wants to be put at the service of people in a tangible and transparent way.

So, don't miss the opportunity to support this project with us and to buy for yourself, or as a gift to give to someone for Christmas, Travel Kit and Sendo Agenda 2021, made of felt with recycled plastic and with the phrase "Respect is an act of love" conceived and designed specifically for us by the K-LAB team.






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