How to wash your hair in 8 steps

Hair care starts from the simplest gesture: hair washing.

Before proceeding you should make sure to choose specific products for the needs of the skin and hair. Below you will have the opportunity to choose between the different products of Hair Care Lines:

 Sendo Concept hair care  

Here are some basic steps to follow:

  1. Bathes well all  hair using water at intermediate temperature..
  2. Apply the shampoo from the back (nape) and proceed applying it on the top and at the end on the front.

On thick and long hair it is recommended to apply the shampoo even in 2/3 steps by dispensing the right amount, so as to distribute it more easily.

How to understand what is the right amount of shampoo and whether to make 1 or 2 applications?

It’s the foam that tells us!

A very dirty hair will not foam despite applying a lot of shampoo, and then you will need to perform a second wash to properly cleanse the skin and hair. On the contrary, a very clean hair instead will hatch a lot (even with a small amount of shampoo) and then just one application will be enough.

  1. Once evenly distributed shampoo make an energetic massage using only fingertips(first phalanx of the hand) making slow and circular movements throughout the scalp. Put special attention on the back!
  2. Never scrub your hair! They will automatically wash thanks to the surfactants contained in the shampoo, substances that have the ability to remove dirt from the skin and hair.
  3. Rinse thoroughly and thoroughly the shampoo from the hair for a few minutes until you see no more foam.

If necessary repeat the operation by performing a second wash.

  1. Proceed with the application of Conditioner or Mask on all lengths, massage gently by sliding your hand from the base to the tips, without combing and leave them on for 5 or 10 minutes respectively.
  2. After this time, rinse your hair thoroughly and remove excess water by using a microfiber towel to dry your hair. Don’t squeeze them out!
  3. To finish your hair care routine, proceed with the desired styling and dry your hair at low temperature.

 The Sendo Team wish you a good hair care routine!