Ultra Repair: the anti stress for post-holiday hair

Have you ever noticed that coming back from vacation, even though we feel more rested and relaxed than before, our hair seems to have got worse? Brittle and discolored, sometimes even the frizz seems more difficult to keep at bay: it's as if a faded coat covers the hair. If you recognize yourself in this description, know that it's completely normal: it's the result of the combined action of sun, salt, wind, frequent washing, and chlorine, which can dehydrate the hair and make the color less vibrant. Generally speaking, summer weather can take a toll on our hair, as it is exposed to long hours of UV rays, heat and humidity.

So what can you do to get your hair back to its healthy, vibrant self?girl in the sea

Ultra Repair: the time machine for damaged hair

The Sendo Team recommends two different ways to take care of your post-holiday hair: the first one is to go for a cut, shortening the hair and removing the most damaged part. This way, your hair will grow back healthier and stronger. Don't feel ready for a sudden change of look? Don't worry, the second solution is for you: choose a restorative and restructuring hair routine, designed to repair the hair and restore an optimal level of nourishment and hydration.hair and wind

To achieve this goal, the Ultra Repair line comes to aid, formulated to repair damaged and brittle hair and restore its body and vitality. Inside all the Ultra Repair formulations you will find the biotechnological tomato extract, directly from the skin of the vegetable, which, thanks to its high concentration of lycopene, has great antioxidant and protective properties, going to act both on the scalp and the hair.

In addition to this functional active ingredient, the Ultra Repair line contains organic rice extract, a valuable ally to help strengthen and moisturize the lengths and soothe the scalp. The Ultra Repair line consists of four products, to be used in combination for maximum results:

  • Restoring Shampoo, great for frequent washings; thanks to its mild surfactants, it cleanses without affecting the hydrolipidic balance of the scalp;
  • Restoring Hair Conditioner, your ally after every wash to detangle and nourish the hair, making it super combable and soft;
  • Restoring Hair Mask, perfect to give your hair a boost of nourishment, is an intensive treatment with strengthening and nourishing properties;
  • Restoring Hair Lotion, the last step before blow-drying, is a light  lotion that revitalizes the hair structure and helps increase elasticity.

Discover the Ultra Repair line and get back your healthy, full-bodied, shiny hair.

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