Blu Light Protection Technology. Protect the skin from blue light damage

All our electronic devices emit blue light: computers, smartphones, tablets, the television itself. Blue light is a form of electromagnetic radiation that alters circadian sleep-wake rhythms and interferes with the nocturnal self-repair mechanisms of epidermal cells, causing premature photo-ageing phenomena and skin hyper-pigmentation. Prolonged exposure to blue light subjects the skin to oxidative stress and promotes the appearance of signs of ageing, dark circles and a dull complexion.


What can we do about it? Given our increasingly technological and digitised lifestyle, the watchword is: PROTECTION.

To this end, the Sendo Concept Research and Development Laboratory has included the exclusive Blue Light Protection Technology in the creams of the Sendo Skincare line.

This is a biotechnological phytocomplex extracted from melissa which has a powerful antioxidant action and helps protect facial skin from the harmful effects of blue light while also showing a significant reduction in damage over time.

The Blue Light Protection Technlogy is an effective screen against blue light and intensely nourishes while fully respecting the skin's microbiota.


Sendo's Skincare facial cream line contains Blue Light Protection Technology and offer advanced formulations for every need, from cleansing to daily routine, for both mature and younger skin.