The Sant'Orsola University Hospital has inaugurated a wellness center for long-term patients in its pavilions.

'L’acqua e le rose' is the name of the project, promoted and realized by the Fondazione Policlinico Sant’Orsola, which arises from the sensitivity of the polyclinic's doctors and nurses and gives space to the care and dignity of those who are forced to remain in hospital for long periods of time.

A place where every patient can devote themselves to their psycho-physical well-being, even in the most fragile moments.

Taking a shower, washing, and combing one's hair, trimming one's beard, are all gestures that can be missed when one is hospitalized. Aware that taking care of oneself and feeling good in one's own body is the first step towards full recovery, we at Sendo Concept proudly support this laudable initiative by making the products of the All Care line available.

The INCI of the All Care products, the Mil Shampoo, the Hydrating Hair Conditioner, the Delicate Hand and Body Cleanser, the Nourishing Body Fluid and the Nutritive Hand Balm, has in fact been approved and recognised by the Sant'Orsola Polyclinic as suitable for the internal use in the hospital.

This means that the formulations, carefully studied by our Research and Development laboratory, have such a high percentage of naturalness as to make Sendo Concept products are suitable for people with the most sensitive skin.


All patients in the hospital will be able to use Sendo products with the certainty that these moments of personal care and beauty will be useful to mobilize positive energy, increase psychological well-being and promote a better reaction to treatment.


The products in the All Care line are the most delicate in formulation: certified Cosmos Natural, Nickel tested (<1 PPM), with 100% natural fragrances without allergens and with carefully selected biotechnologies, prebiotics and functional active ingredients that help defend the skin microbiota and moisturize and nourish skin and hair.


Not only the All Care line, but all Sendo Concept products stand out for being free from silicones, petrolatum and mineral oils and are known to protect the skin from potentially aggressive chemicals: 0% SLS / SLES, 0% PARABENES, MIT AND PETROLATES, 0% SYNTHETIC COLOURANTS.


The collaboration with the Sant'Orsola Polyclinic Foundation fills our hearts and allows us to add a piece to our mission of bringing professional quality to the service of everyone's well-being. Quality we all deserve.


You too can support 'L’acqua e le rose' project, by accessing this link to make your donation. Together, life wins.