The trendiest do-it-yourself hair ideas for the holidays

If you are planning to celebrate the end of this year in style, we have selected three simple but striking hairstyles that follow the autumn-winter trends and that you can do yourself at home to feel beautiful in just a few steps.


The choice is between extra voluminous loose hair, with tight mermaid waves and side stripes, or at opposite ends, minimalist chignons and low updos, also perfect for bobs and loved by the it girls.


The coolest of all are the extra-pulled hairstyles, suitable even for shorter cuts, with the hair line clearly visible and the hair disciplined to the maximum thanks to the gel or the Oil Non Oil For Hair like ours from the Styling line, with anti-frizz properties that does not harden like a gel, but remains softer.



Chic, neat, but also very sensual, this year the low bun, made by combing the hair back or keeping the central parting neat, has become very popular among young people on Tik Tok and is still very much in vogue.

For this festive season, we propose an even more glamorous alternative, with a high side chignon. The starting point is no longer a low ponytail, but a high, lateral side tight ponytail. To twist your hair, you can use a chignon sponge and then secure it with clips and bobby pins, giving the final effect and the shape you like best. Since straight hair tends to slip and curls get messed up, we recommend shaping it with the Oil Non Oil for Hair from the Sendo Styling line with anti-frizz properties for a super glam taut effect.


Onde effetto sirena

Buzzword: side parting. Waves have been all the rage for a few years now, and the mermaid effect is a very sensual variation that is perfect for a special occasion. To achieve this, move your hair all to one side, the one you prefer, outlining a well-defined parting, leaving it soft on one side and tucking it behind your ear on the other. You can make the waves in different ways: using a hairdryer or a large diameter iron. Before proceeding with styling, it is essential to use a product that protects your hair and improves the final result: try the Liquid Crystals For Hair from the Sendo Styling line, with a silky effect, which help give shine to the waves and protect hair from humidity. A few drops are enough to apply on the lengths of damp or dry hair.


Capelli effetto bagnato

Back in the limelight for a few years now, the wet effect is particularly suitable for medium-short and very short cuts, such as pixie or à la garçonne cuts. Simply warm a gel or the Oil Non Oil For Hair from the Sendo Styling line in your hands, which in addition to modeling helps to give volume, and pass it through dry hair, even with the help of a comb, avoiding the roots and insisting on the ends.