Melting line: a decisive step toward environmental sustainability

"Green" sensitivity is not a fad, but the awakening of a new awareness. It is a fact: the public and consumers are increasingly attentive to the impact that everyday gestures, consumption habits, and products used have on the surrounding environment, nature, and people, and they go out of their way to reward companies and professionals who respond to this sensitivity by making courageous, ethical, and transparent choices.

Small habits for sustainability: the case of upcycling

Many people are trying to do their part, even in their everyday lives. Sometimes little is enough: have you ever heard of upcycling, for example? Behind this cute neologism born in 1994 is the desire to creatively reuse an object, transforming it and resulting in something of greater value and quality, real or perceived.

This is a very different activity from simple recycling, which, without detracting from its value to the environment and society, "merely" so to speak "returns" a given object to its origins, i.e., to the use for which it was originally designed, or transforms it into something of lesser value than its original one.

Upcycling, on the other hand, is radically different because it uses consumable objects and turns them into great little gems that can beautify rooms and add a touch of originality to homes and offices. A suggestion? There are plenty of them: on our official Instagram profile, for example, we explained how to turn the Sendo Feeding Hair Shampoo jar into a cute and eco-friendly tea caddy or a handy container for household spices. Four simple steps and you're done:
Come trasformare il tuo cosmetico in un porta tè

  1. Remove the inner pot and make sure that there are no product residues left in the jar

  2. Carefully remove the Sendo label

  3. Fill the jar with tea or spices

  4. Close the jar and place it in a beautiful and practical way to decorate the kitchen

It is a creative reuse, but if we look at it more closely, it is much more. A simple gesture that can contribute to making our daily life a moment of awareness towards the environment: but also, a gesture that can have important repercussions because, in our own small way, it makes us spokespersons for correct, sensible, and respectful use of products and resources.

The future of our planet is a very important issue, which concerns us all: it certainly also involves small gestures like this one, just as it is certainly a battle in which consumers are not alone. The smartest and most conscientious companies are also doing their part. 

Our commitment to environmental sustainability

One of Sendo's most recent steps towards a "green" future of respect and care for nature, people and the environment has been the launch of the Melting Sendo Concept line: hair, body, and face care cosmetics characterized by highly concentrated formulas, super-reduced water usage, semi-solid textures, and 100% natural, biotechnological and prebiotic ingredients.


We are very proud that, beyond any easy enthusiasm, Sendo's interest in sustainability issues and its "green" approach to cosmetics and to an idea of beauty that is inspired by the true power of nature and does not exploit it.


Vegan, concentrated, and travel-friendly: the melting products are low in water and high in awareness. In addition to the reduced use of water, the Melting line is characterized by aluminum containers designed to be easily transported and, once the product is finished, to encourage creative reuse of the packaging. The example mentioned at the beginning is just one of many in which you can give free rein to your imagination and do your bit for the environment. In this link, you will find a complete presentation of the Melting line, its ingredients, and the main characteristics of the products destined to play an important role in the near future.