Eco Conscious Hair Kit and Eco Conscious Body Kit from the Melting line are the latest entries in the Sendo Concept beauty range. Two kits, four semi-solid cosmetics, and 320 grams of innovation and conscious beauty.


Vegan, compact, and travel-friendly: these are the Melting line cosmetics you will find inside the kits. Their super-concentrated, compact, and semi-solid formula gives well-being to the body and hair thanks to the properties of natural origin, biotechnological and prebiotic ingredients.


The Eco Conscious kits from the Melting line pluses:

  • Innovative and water-saving formula
  • Super-concentrated and semi-solid texture
  • 99% natural origin ingredients out of total
  • Biotechnological and prebiotic ingredients
  • Dermatologically tested on sensitive skin
  • Vegan & Cruelty-Free
  • Nickel Tested
  • 100% natural origin fragrances 

Comparing the two Eco Conscious Melting kits

Eco Conscious Hair Kit

Eco Conscious Hair Kit Sendo Concept

The kit for your semi-solid, conscious haircare, with Feeding Hair Shampoo and Feeding Hair Conditioner.


The formulas of the cosmetics in this kit have a semi-solid texture and a very low water content.


Suitable for all hair types, you can use 80 grams of each product for around 20 washes (for medium-length hair).


Eco Conscious Hair Kit is ideal for those who wish clean, light, hydrated, and soft hair.


Eco Conscious Body Kit

Eco Conscious Body Kit Sendo Concept

Choose an even more conscious and water-saving body care routine with the Eco Conscious Body Kit.

The formula of the Velvet Body Cleanser and Nourishing Body Butter in the kit has a super-concentrated, water-saving, dense, and semi-solid texture and is enriched with natural origin, biotechnological and prebiotic ingredients.


Ideal for those who dream of nourished, soft, smooth, and velvety-touch body skin.


So different, and yet so similar: innovative and water-saving formulas, sustainable, travel-friendly, and solidarity packaging.

While it is true that each of the two Eco Conscious kits will help you achieve different beauty goals, it is also true that they have many things in common.

The compact packaging and the semi-solid formula make Melting cosmetics suitable for carrying everywhere: the traveling mates you've been looking for!


Furthermore, the packaging is innovative and encourages upcycling: Melting cosmetics are contained in aluminum jars that can find new life once the contents have been exhausted. Use them as small jewelry boxes or in any other way your imagination suggests.

At the same time, the kit box containing the cosmetics can be reused and become a home for other items.


Klab x Sendo


The external graphic of both kits is the result of the collaboration with K-Lab, an extraordinary reality dedicated to people with disabilities and situations of social fragility. K-Lab conceives and creates communication projects and design objects, in the firm belief that each of us is a unique and essential resource, and that vulnerability can give birth to a possibility.



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