Here’s to new possibilities

The beginning of a new year represents a small, symbolic rebirth: each time it pushes us to mentally draw up lists of good intentions, goals to achieve, or challenges to overcome, more or less realistic. A ritual that finds in the 1st of January the emblematic moment to manifest itself. Whether those good intentions are accomplished or not, only the passing year will tell us, but every time a natural push to plan, to hope to realize our dreams, accompanies us without failing at the beginning of every January.

Today we want to offer you some food for thought to welcome this year with a spirit of openness and a will to self-improvement.

Our advice? One step at a time

plantSometimes it happens to get carried away by enthusiasm, and set goals that are unattainable or too optimistic compared to our current position in life, which inevitably leads to a failure in resolving our resolutions. To avoid experiencing the sense of inadequacy that an unfulfilled expectation can bring, our advice is to set ourselves small goals, realistic and oriented to a real improvement of our daily life. One step at a time is the approach we like to practice, without rushing to get there and without the eagerness of a race with oneself. The road to an accomplishment is as important as the accomplishment itself, and allows us to know ourselves better, to understand our weaknesses, our points of improvement, and our strength. Let's not underestimate the importance of the path to a goal.

Progress over perfection

The journey of transforming ourselves goes on for a lifetime, not just one year. That is why it's quite far-fetched to immediately expect the final result: perfection. To be completely honest here, the very concept of perfection has little to do with our lives: we believe that the time is at hand to change our point of view, to aim for constant improvement, a path that is in motion, rather than for perfection as a fixed point in time and space. And remind ourselves that often in vulnerability lies the seed of a new opportunity.

Our mistakes, insecurities, and moments of weakness are all part of the journey: accepting negative moments without guilt is the road to personal improvement and growth.

To quote Aristotle, "Perfect people do not fight, do not lie, do not make mistakes, and do not exist." You can’t put it clearer than that!

So, a happy start to 2022 to all of you! Our only wish is that you may live it consciously, stay in the present, and make good use of it.

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