The meaning of a gift

What is the meaning of a gift? 

With this ambitious question, we have approached the Christmas preparation.

The month of December, with its twinkling lights and all its festivities, is perhaps the most meaningful time to give. At Christmas, we exchange gifts to show our affection, our respect, our deep gratitude to someone. But giving is also receiving at the same time: it is an exchange that runs on a double track. 

Not all gifts are created equal - we believe. What does this mean? Simply put, that some gifts are bigger than others.

Because some gifts are made with our hearts, they contain many levels of depth. Some gifts are the result of great care and attention.

Some others are the precious result of the daily work of many people and realities, reunited at the same table to create something beautiful and meaningful.

Sendo was born with the desire to bring quality products into everyone's home, products that are the result of a safe and sustainable supply chain: we strive every day to create a positive impact not only on the environment but also in the community we live in.

For this reason, we wanted to continue the collaboration with K-Lab, which you know well by now if you have been following us. K-Lab creates design and communication projects working together with people with disabilities and in situations of social fragility. 

For this Christmas project, we asked our friends at K-Lab to use their creativity and brainstorm with us on the deeper and truer meaning of "gift".

A precious opportunity to reflect on what it means to give, and on the very meaning of what we give. We as a community can make a difference with every little gesture, even with the gifts we chose to give.

This Christmas, you can choose to give a greater gift.