Alert: two new products online!

We can't do without them anymore: the compact Wooden Brush and the Nourishing Lip Balm, launched in preview inside our Christmas kits, now officially enter the Sendo family! They are available for purchase on our e-commerce and in our official retailers.

Find out why we don’t want to be without them anymore!

Treatment and protection for your lips

balsamo labbra nutriente Sendo

Imagine a smooth, comfortable lip balm, enriched with organic shea butter and almond oil. This is the Sendo Nourishing Lip Balm! The extra nourishing formula is great for counteracting dry lips during winter. Like all Sendo products, this balm contains a biotechnological phytocomplex, developed in our lab to extract all the properties and phyto-nutrients from the plant without need for massive exploitation of crops. In this formula, biotechnological rosehip phytocomplex is combined with a polyfructose extracted from chicory, for maximum lip protection and hydration.

Protection, hydration and nourishment in one product. Easy to reapply throughout the day, thanks to the applicator. Try it for yourself!

Detangles hair safely

spazzola di legno Sendo

The new Wooden Brush is the right choice for you if you are looking for a compact design with an ergonomic grip, which allows you to detangle and comb your hair, both dry and wet. Its minimal shape and the sturdy material make this brush extremely practical for everyday use and ideal to put in your gym bag or backpack for a weekend away or an adventure trip.

The bristles are made of beech wood, perfectly polished so as not to damage the hair shaft while combing it.

Wooden Brush, the natural-wood hair brush, is now available on the site. Great on curly hair too!