Shea Butter: The anti-cold routine for face, lips, and hair

During the colder months, we often notice drier skin and a lot more frizz in our hair. It is a physiological change, due to colder temperatures and changes in air humidity.

Protecting the skin and keeping it intact is important not only for aesthetic reasons, but also and above all for our general health: healthy skin can perform undisturbed its important functions, and protect us from attacks by external agents. 

Restorative Hair Mask SendoToday we want to suggest to you some quick, anti-cold beauty tips, involving very few steps and targeted products, to maintain hydration and nourishment of skin and hair during the winter months. The secret to these products? Well, it's not really a secret: they share the same ingredient, one of our greatest beauty allies, used for centuries in cosmetics, shea butter!

Step n. 1: a shea butter mask to tame frizzy, dry hair

After using a gentle shampoo, it's time to restore moisture and nourishment in your hair: it's time for a nice shea butter hair mask! With the Restoring Hair Mask from the Ultra Repair range you can't go wrong: thanks to shea butter, with its high conditioning properties for frizzy hair, this rich mask restores strength and vitality, taming and nourishing hair that is been tested by the cold. Try shea butter on your curly hair too, they will thank you!

Step n. 2: protect your skin!

The skin on our face deals with the cold weather every day, which is why it's crucial to take care of it with some extra attention. Shea butter is also an ideal ingredient to take care of the delicate skin of the face. We can opt for a face cream for the evening that contains shea butter and has a comfortable, rich texture, to repair and pamper the skin after a long day.

Nutritive Hand Balm Sendo

The same goes for our hands! Constantly exposed and on the move, hands are the first to announce the arrival of the cold weather: with the constant use of sanitizing sprays, which can contribute to dehydration, it is important to return an extra care, to keep skin elastic and healthy. The All Care Nutritive Hand Balm is a restorative and nourishing treatment designed for daily use. It contains organic shea butter, combined with rosehip biotechnological Phyto complex and a polyfructose extracted from chicory, to protect and restore nourishment, and relief dry, cracked skin. This cream contains 99.09% ingredients of natural origin and is dermatologically tested for sensitive skin. A hand treatment really designed for everyone, respecting the most delicate of skins, often prone to redness and sensitivity. 

And finally, step n. 3: shea butter for protected and moisturized lips!

The latest addition to the All Care family is a lip care product that contains... guess what? That's right, shea butter!

Nourishing Lip Balm Sendo

The Nourishing Lip Balm contains the best of natural ingredients: organic shea butter and almond oil, with elasticizing and nourishing properties, are combined with rosehip biotechnological Phyto complex and polyfructose extracted from chicory to help protect lips from external aggression. The tube comes with a handy applicator, so you can take it with you and reapply at any time of day.


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