Roughness when touched, itching sensation, flaking, poor elasticity, and fragility, mainly affecting face, hands, and legs? If you follow us, you already know that these are the characteristics that make dry skin easily recognizable. In the last article, Dry skin: what it looks like and how to treat it we explained the causes and characteristics of this skin type.


Among the drawbacks of dry skin is the tendency for premature aging resulting from a lack of hydration and nourishment-which are key actions in treating this skin type. The Skincare Nourish line by Sendo Concept is formulated to give the necessary boost of nourishment and hydration, while fully respecting the person and nature.


Let's discover together the steps for a skincare routine dedicated to dry skin and how to apply Sendo Concept's cosmetics formulated for this skin type:

  1. First step: cleansing
    We won't get tired of repeating it: any self-respecting skincare routine always begins with a gentle and effective cleansing that can remove makeup and impurities from the face and prepare it to receive subsequent treatments. To this purpose, the Daily Cleansing Milk from the Skincare Cleansing line is ideal

  2. Second step: toning
    The Revitalizing Face Toner from the Skincare Cleansing line, which, like all products in the Skincare line, is Cosmos Natural certified, dermatologically tested, and with a high percentage of ingredients of natural origin. Its formula hydrates the skin and soothes skin redness in a single action.

  3. Step three: nourishment and hydration of the eye area
    The eye contour area is particularly thin and delicate and needs special attention. For this reason, our internal Research and Development Department has developed a specific product: the Regenerating Effect Eye Contour Serum. Its formula, with a light texture, is rich in ingredients of natural origin and guarantees a moisturizing and nourishing effect. We recommend its use from the age of 25. A little trick? Also try applying it to areas that are particularly delicate and affected by expression movements, such as the lip contour and the space between the eyebrows

  4. Step four: nourishment and hydration of the face and
    To conclude your skincare routine, proceed with feeding your dry skin by giving it the nourishment and hydration it needs, morning and evening. For the day, we recommend the Nourishing Day Face Cream that can not only nourish and moisturize, but also protect your skin from the damaging action of blue light rays with its innovative Blue Light Protection Technology. To also take advantage of the time of sleep, when the skin is even more receptive, we have designed Replenishing Night Face Cream an intensive repairing treatment that is able to restore comfort to dry skin. On the other hand, if your skin needs the same level of both hydration and nourishment during the day and at night, choose the Revitalizing Face Cream.


Are you curious to try these steps and suggested Sendo Concept cosmetics? Discover all Sendo Concept products formulated to nourish and moisturize dry skin.


Sendo concept skincare per pelle secca

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