Nutrition: 5 foods to prepare for Summer


Summer, now just around the corner, is one of the times of the year when we are most likely to give ourselves a little extra attention.

corpo, anima e spirito in armonia

Preparing to welcome this season is just as important as being aware that it is not about a "remise en forme" but about seeking overall wellness and balance of body, soul, and spirit.


Feeling connected with ourselves, comfortable in our bodies, and aligned with the energies of the current season will make us feel in harmony with Nature, light, and fit.

Becoming aware of one's eating style and knowing how to follow a healthy and correct one is a great first step. For this reason, we have prepared a short guide on how to face Summer by eating healthy and choosing foods and dishes that nourish and are good for you.

Summer season: General tips on nutrition

Eating well in the summer means first modifying one's diet to cope with the heat, without unnecessary renunciations and, above all, indulging in the pleasure of healthy and nutritious foods that help us replenish mineral salts and fluids lost due to excessive sweating. This is why, some common-sense pointers are generally valid and can help us face the hot months more easily and fitter.

As a first step, we need to drink enough: at least 2 liters of water a day, making sure to choose waters rich in trace minerals, herbal teas, or cold infusions without added sugar. Alcoholic beverages, soft drinks, iced drinks, and juices are to be avoided, as well as all foods that are too salty or spicy. Always better, then, to aim for refreshing foods that help balance the body and keep it fit.

If your goal is also an enviable tan at the end of summer, without sunburn or cracked skin, don't forget melon at the table: just include it in your breakfast twice a week, perhaps with the addition of yogurt or honey, to prepare your skin for the next tan.

And what about carrots? Vitamin A and E in profusion, for supple, melanin-rich skin ready to bathe in the summer sun, with the understanding that you should not do so during the hottest hours and always have a cream with a sun protection factor.

5 great foods to cope with Summer season

In summer, nutrition should be rich in vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and fiber, offering foods that help you deflate and feel light, as well as naturally nourish and rehydrate. Below you can find a list of 5 must-have foods to have in your diet for the summertime.



Great for replenishing fluids, peaches are a healthy and smart proposition for athletes but also for anyone who wants a summer-proof snack or snack. It is a fruit rich in potassium and with antioxidant action. It protects the skin from the action of free radicals and stimulates the production of natural collagen.


Fresh cucumber

It is 95 percent water, so it is a fresh choice at the table for summertime. Great for those who want to cleanse the body and prefer low-calorie food, fresh cucumber lightens the body, is refreshing, and has a good supply of vitamin C and minerals. Ideal for adding a touch of freshness to our summer salads!



Tasty, light, and easy to include in tasty recipes. Zucchini is a great option for those who want to eat healthy in the summer. They are rich in minerals, vitamins A and C, and carotenoids, which is why --in addition to their nutritional and antioxidant properties-- they are special for those who want to get a tan and keep their tan until the end of summer and beyond.


Vegetable Yogurt

It is perfect for fighting the heat, and this is due to its cooling power. Yogurt is one of the cornerstones of the Mediterranean diet, and in summer it is a panacea for those who need tasty food, easy to combine with sweet or savory recipes, and great for those suffering from heat inappetence. Low in fat, balanced, and light: yogurt is low in calories and a source of metabolism-boosting protein. Keep it on hand all year round, but all the more so in the summer months!


Perhaps somewhat surprisingly, mint makes this list for one simple reason: the freshness it induces. The essential oils in which it is rich stimulate a pleasant sensation from the very first contact while menthol, acting as a vasoconstrictor, combats drops in blood pressure or dizziness caused by intense heat. This is why it is important not to neglect it, also because it is very rich in minerals and vitamins, substances that are more than valuable in summer. Add it to your favorite recipes and, why not, even to cool drinks!


Proper nutrition is also good for your hair

Tell me how you eat, and I will tell you if your hair is healthy. In fact, as is well known, the health of hair depends on the well-being of the entire body, and diet plays a key role in this. Iron, zinc, magnesium, and B vitamins found in fruits, vegetables, legumes, and nuts are the best way to have strong, healthy hair as they help the renewal of follicular bulb cells.


In this video, our International Technical Director Filippo Manuzzi, explains what the main tricks are for the well-being of hair and scalp, even in summer.