Blue light protection in skincare: why it is important to protect the skin from blue light

We all know today the importance of protecting ourselves from UV rays. We know how important it is to consciously expose ourselves to the sun, sheltering ourselves with high sunscreens or clothing that can shield the sun's ultraviolet rays. But there is another lesser-known skin aggressor from which we can protect ourselves today: this is blue light and the oxidative stress it generates on the skin. To better understand what this is all about, let's start at the beginning, with how sunlight is composed.

What is blue light?

The spectrum of sunlight consists of UV light, visible light, and infrared light. Visible light is the only part of the light that the human eye can perceive, while UV and Infrared rays are invisible. Blue light is nothing more than the visible light emitted by the sun.


Why do we need to protect ourselves from blue light? The problem arises because it is not only the sun that emits blue light but also artificial objects, such as the monitors of all our electronic devices (smartphones, tablets, TVs) and energy-efficient light bulbs.

Recent studies have shown that high exposure to blue light can contribute to altering our circadian sleep-wake rhythms. But not only that, but this change in circadian rhythms could also occur in the skin at the cellular level: while we sleep, cells in the epidermis enter a "night" mode that activates self-repair mechanisms in the skin. Prolonged exposure to blue light could interfere with this process, causing epidermal cells to behave as if it were daytime. The consequence? Our skin is subjected to increased oxidative stress, resulting in the appearance of signs of aging, dark circles under the eyes, and dull complexion.

The solution? A skincare with a built-in blue light protection.

Sometimes we look in the mirror seeing ourselves tired without being able to understand the exact reason, perhaps after a particularly stressful day spent in front of the PC or smartphone. Premature photo-aging of tissues usually manifests as a dull complexion, dark circles under the eyes or puffiness, and marked skin. A skincare specifically designed to protect the skin from blue light will curb this effect and safeguard the well-being and balance of our skin.

When our R&D Department created the Sendo skincare line, they had just that in mind: how to create products that can keep skin hydrated, balanced, and nourished while protecting it throughout the day? The answer is Blue Light Protection Technology, found in some of Sendo's skincare products. This technology helps protect facial skin from oxidative stress caused by the blue light we are exposed to during work or leisure hours, whenever we are in front of a screen.


The Nourishing Day Face Cream, Revitalizing Face Cream, and Rebalancing Face Cream are all Blue Light Tested, meaning they help protect the skin from the damaging effects of prolonged exposure to blue light.

Biotechnological melissa phyto-complex, Sendo's innovation.

At the heart of the Blue Light Protection Technology in Sendo's products is the biotechnological melissa phyto-complex, an ingredient that boasts very high antioxidant and soothing properties and helps keep the skin hydrated and balanced.


Thanks to the methodology of obtaining this active, which uses the most advanced biotechnology, we can be sure of its efficacy and standardization: what does that mean? That each batch will be identical to the others, because it will be obtained in the laboratory starting from a small part of the plant, without exploiting intensive cultivation and without damaging the soil ecosystem.


Your future skin is also the result of today's choices. Discover Sendo skincare, your ally against blue light.