People beyond disability. Our collaboration with K-Lab Design.

Working closely with K-Lab Design this year has given us the opportunity to observe each other, exchange ideas, share memories, wishes and dreams. This is how we got to really know this reality and the people behind it.

With K-Lab Design we immediately felt an instinctive communion of purpose, we felt we were placing our trust in the same values.

K-Lab and SendoK-Lab Design is a non-profit association that creates communication and design projects working with people with different degrees of disability. This reality aims to reaffirm the presence of a strong community, which includes and listens to all its members, without exception.

The collaboration between Sendo and K-Lab came about naturally because our commitment tends towards the same goals: a life that is authentic, based on a more sustainable approach, in search of a stronger bond with nature and with the community in which we live and operate every day.

To collaborate is to know each other

This was the beginning of a process that saw us committed for several months, bearing the chance to get to know each other better. We discovered each other's talents and shared words about our passions, what we like, what we would do if we could travel through time.

And that's when we found out that Elena is very fond of her parents and little niece, Alessia loves to express herself through her own colorful personal style, Aldo is very good at using the computer, and Paolino has the gift of great eloquence and impeccable memory. Each of us with our own differences, yet we soon found a passion in common... pizza!

Questioning how disability is narrated today, we are often confronted with an incomplete picture: a big, over-simplified label with vague outlines, which tries without fully succeeding to encompass a great diversity of situations and realities.

So we decided we wanted to cherish everyone's particularities, to remember and remind ourselves something very important: what makes us who we are?

Watch the video to find out.