Vegan, High-Tech, Advanced: skincare according to Sendo

The wait is finally over, the new collection of skincare products by Sendo is online on our e-commerce! We've been working on this project for more than a year because we wanted it to be exactly as we imagined it: an advanced, innovative skincare line, able to effectively respond to the real needs of the skin. This resulted in a collection of eight products, dermatologically tested on sensitive skin, versatile, that can be incorporated into any skincare routine. Find out how we conceived it and what makes it unique.

How Sendo skincare was born

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In developing the skincare line, we wanted to move around core values, on which to build the concept of the products, and develop their formulations. Like all Sendo products, these skincare products are vegan and cruelty-free, rich in natural ingredients, and 100% made in Italy.


We did more than that: we sought out the best in cosmetic technology and distilled it into formulations, rich in skin-loving ingredients, to achieve a synthesis that combines the best of the natural world with the most innovative technology.


At the heart of Sendo skincare products: advanced antioxidant protection.

We started from the basics, with an approach that takes into account the evolution of our lifestyle and our habits, and that puts at the center the real needs of the skin: hydration, nourishment, and protection. A skincare routine with the right products today, is an investment for tomorrow: it will mean a more compact and healthy skin, that can maintain its positive qualities for longer. Simply put, a beautiful skin at any age.


The two main focuses around which our R&D lab has structured the skincare line are: the biotechnological melissa phyto-complex, with elevated antioxidant, moisturizing and protective properties, and a prebiotic extracted from the yacon root, which acts on the skin's microbiota, delivering nourishment to the "good" bacteria on the skin, and helping to maintain this delicate ecosystem in balance.

Blue Light Protection Technology: the future of the skin

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The beauty of our skin is closely connected to its well-being, and it is this principle that has guided us in this journey. By closely observing our daily life, and reflecting on our lifestyle, we realized that the future of skincare lies in the protection and prevention of damage from oxidative stress. This led to the idea of including Blue Light Protection Technology in skincare products: a technology capable of shielding the skin from blue light radiation.

Blue light is a visible radiation emitted by the sun and by the monitors of our electronic devices (tablets, smartphones, computers, etc...), which are a huge part of our everyday life. Recent studies have shown that prolonged exposure to blue light may interfere with the skin's natural cellular repair process. This imbalance can lead to visible effects, such as signs of aging, dark circles, and dull complexion. What can we do? The watchword is protection. The exclusive Blue Light Protection Technology helps defend the skin by acting as a shield against blue light, thus helping to prevent premature photo-aging of tissues.

At the base of this molecule is the biotechnological melissa phyto-complex, obtained through an advanced technique that harnesses the power of biotechnology to extract the actives from the plant without damaging it.

The Blue Light Protection Technology is contained in all our day creams, to guarantee the skin an effective shield during the hours when we are most exposed to the blue light.

Three lines, designed for all skins

Sendo skincare is composed of three capsule lines, to meet the needs of all skin types, and to structure a tailor-made skincare routine:

  • Cleansing Line - products formulated to cleanse the skin effectively and gently, in full respect of the skin's microbiota, and suitable for all skin types
  • Detox Line - designed for normal, combination, and oily skin. Contains moisturizing and rebalancing ingredients, which help to prevent imperfections to appear
  • Nourish line - enriched with nourishing, protective and moisturizing ingredients to maintain the well-being of the skin and preserve its natural elasticity, at any age.

Discover all the products, and choose what suits your skin best. The future of your skin starts today! Take care of it.