Frizz has the hours counted, with Frizz Control

The moment the temperature drops, and the transition to the cold season it's made official, is a crucial time for the health of your hair. With the increase in cold and humidity, comes frizz, which curls shorter hair and makes baby hair impossible to manage. For those who use straighteners and styling tools, frizz is a real nightmare!
How to manage to have healthy and tamed hair even with the arrival of rains and humidity? Below you will find some useful tips, and the ideal haircare products to manage frizz and keep your hair shiny, detangled and tidy.

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Try these anti-frizz tips

What triggers frizz in your hair is humidity, or rather the water that is suspended in the air: at certain times of the year, and in certain climates, humidity is higher, leading to the inevitable frizziness, even more so if your hair is dry and dehydrated.

Here are our tips for combating frizz:

  • Focus on hydration: not only the skin, in fact, but also the hair needs it. A hair that is already well hydrated will suffer less from the effect of water on the outside, because it already contains the right amount of water inside.
  • Another tip to follow concerns blowdrying. The ideal is to use the hairdryer not too hot, keeping it about 20 cm from the hair.
  • More on the matter of hair drying: dab gently instead of vigorously rubbing the hair with a towel! This habit, in addition to increasing frizz, contributes to damage and break the hair.
  • Continuous and prolonged use of hot styling tools can exacerbate frizz in your hair, especially if you don't use heat protectant sprays. A good practice is to limit the use of heat on your hair as much as possible. Can't help using hot styling tools? Choose a heat protectant spray, that will protect the hair while styling!
  • Coloring, bleaching and switching from one treatment to another can damage the hair and cause breakage. This contributes to the unpleasant frizz, which becomes more pronounced as external humidity increases. In general, keeping nourishment and moisture in the hair and making sure you don't over-stress it with continuous treatments is a great way to get rid of frizz.

  • Another very effective tip for keeping frizz under control is to use silk or satin pillowcases. Their surface is much smoother and softer than that of cotton pillowcases, and this will help greatly in decreasing the stress on your hair, and preventing it from breaking or damaging while you sleep.

    As for hair products, what to use?

Frizz Control helps you tame frizzy hair

Sendo created Frizz Control, a range that aims to keep frizz under control and keep hair hydrated and healthy. Formulated to be gentle and perform a conditioning and moisturizing action on the hair, this line is composed of three products. Let's see them below! 

frizz control range
  • Taming Shampoo - gently cleanses the hair while performing a moisturizing action, to leave hair tamed and combable. It contains biotechnological tomato extract, organic oat extract and vanilla extract. Used consistently in your hair care routine, it will help restore the health of the hair and its natural shine.
  • Taming Hair Conditioner - a nourishing and moisturizing conditioner that makes styling easy, while helping to fight frizz, even in humid weather. It contains biotech tomato extract, organic oat extract and organic passion flower extract for maximum conditioning and moisturizing action.
  • Taming Hair Mask - for a more intense conditioning effect, this mask is the perfect solution. It moisturizes the hair fiber and leaves hair shiny and soft to the touch. It contains soy butter, biotech tomato extract and organic oat extract, for a boost of nourishment and shine.

With the Frizz Control routine, you and your hair will be off to a frizz-free winter.


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