Summer is here! Tips for a sustainable vacation

Today marks the first day of summer, the longest day of the year on which the summer solstice falls. This has always marked a moment of great symbolic significance, as it determines the transition from one season to another, a moment of great importance to the daily life of ancient peoples, both for agriculture and animal farming and for a ritual, astrological and religious point of view.


On the occasion of this day of transition, which makes us officially closer to our summer vacation, we want to give you some tips for taking your green lifestyle on vacation with you! Keep on reading.

  1. Sustainable transportation

If you can, choose to travel by train rather than plane. Another way to get around while containing CO2 emissions is car sharing or carpooling, which essentially means sharing the trip with other people: a great way to limit our impact while on vacation.

  1. Recycle

If you are having a picnic or lunch outdoors, remember to take your waste with you if the area does not have disposal devices. This way you will be able to sort it properly as soon as possible.

  1. Beauty routine

Bring body care products with formulations high in natural ingredients, without silicones or synthetic dyes, to minimize your environmental impact even during your skincare routine. If you are looking for new products to try, you can bring with you a complete All Care routine on the go, with Sendo's Travel Kit!

  1. Re-hydrate

Equip yourself with a reusable water bottle. You can find them in all kinds and sizes, thermal or not, they are easy to refill at any time and will allow you to always have water with you, avoiding disposable plastic bottles.

  1. Environmentally sustainable accommodation

If you can, choose to stay in facilities that promote sustainable tourism, respecting environmental biodiversity, nature, and empowering local communities. In Italy, there are several throughout the territory, promoting a "slow" and more conscious lifestyle: towards ourselves and the surrounding area.

  1. Food and culture at Km 0

Prefer typical local restaurants, which use products from the area. This advice is generally applicable to any trip because it will allow you to take a full immersion into the local culture, not just culinary! Remember that sharing food is also a ritual, a gateway to learning about new traditions and ingredients. Commit to it and give it attention!


Now, you are ready to backpack. Happy vacations!