BLONDE: Light up your blonde hair with the new Sendo line

Preserving blonde hair color at home is a must, especially if bleached or lightened. Blond hair tends to change over time, showing yellow, red, or orange tones.

Sendo responds to this need by ushering in spring with a new haircare line designed to celebrate the beauty of blond hair.

Let yourself be enveloped in the essence of nature with Blonde: a collection of products that enhance the radiance, vitality, and highlights of your natural blonde, bleached or white hair.

Blonde: the new ally for keeping the blond you love alive

Our R&D Laboratory created the Blonde line by studying and selecting the most effective ingredients that nature has to offer. Both products in the line contain two plant extracts chosen for their numerous beneficial properties.


Let's find out which ones!

Biotechnological tomato extract

estratto biotecnologico di pomodoro


The main substance that makes the tomato an active phytotherapeutic food is lycopene, a powerful antioxidant that will help protect your hair from the stresses of pollution.




Organic Chamomile Extract

estratto di camonilla


This is obtained from the flowers of Chamomilla Recutita and chosen for its soothing, emollient and brightening properties.

It has always been used as a soother for reddened skin and has a protective action.


Blonde gives natural blond, bleached or white hair shine, softness and protection, eliminating the annoying yellow highlights that often accompany this type of colouring.

Blonde enhances the colour and style of your blond or white hair with a complete, effective and targeted haircare routine.


The line's products moisturize and protect your hair while preserving its health, your well-being and that of the environment around you. The formulas contain more than 97% ingredients of natural origin, biotechnological plant extracts, i.e. obtained in the laboratory to avoid environmentally unsustainable intensive cultivation. In addition, they are nickel-tested to preserve the health of those who might develop allergies to this metal and are certified Cruelty free & Vegan, i.e. they do not use ingredients of animal origin.


Shampoo Rivitalizzante Biondo Blonde Sendo Concept


Sendo's Blonde Revival Shampoo contains purple pigments that neutralize yellow tones in light hair. Why purple? It is the complementary color of yellow, so it cancels and corrects yellow tones, bringing them back to a brighter, cooler tone! Use it in your daily cleansing for instantly healthier and shinier hair. The pomace extract in the formula is also an effective source of moisture that strengthens the hair, giving it well-being and vitality.

Maschera Capelli Rivitalizzante Biondo Blonde Sendo Concept

Hair masks aim to nourish and regenerate the hair, giving it elasticity and softness. Sendo has created, for your routine dedicated to blond or white hair, the Blond Revival Hair Mask which moisturizes and improves combability thanks to its formula enriched with marula oil. An indispensable ally in your haircare routine, the mask complements the action of the Blonde Revival Shampoo, intensifying its anti-yellowing action. Apply it after cleansing and leave on for 5 to 10 minutes, for silkier hair, ready for impeccable styling!

Choose Blonde and illuminate your blond, bleached or white hair with beauty.